High Plains Raceway is open year-round based on weather and track conditions.

The track runs Open Lapping Days during the winter months. Open Lapping Days are marked Tentative as the track conditions must be favorable and the minimum number of signups must be met. The Track Info Hotline number is 303-769-4771. You may register online at motorsportreg.com for your Open Lapping Day and check the “I want a instructor” box to have a instructor assigned.

In addition, Semi Test & Tune days are available any day of the week other than the specified Open Lapping Day(s). You can choose either a half or full day, please call 303-324-8762 to schedule.

During winter months we look for minimum temperatures in the forty’s along with a dry track. Normal street performance tires will handle the cold with proper warm-up. Race tires require a minimum of fifty degrees as anything colder can possibly damage the tire.