Fight for the Win!

Amateur racing has grown to where access to the best tracks in North America are available to many. Competition is still part of what drives us and we are always looking for those students that want to compete at a high level.


Many of our customers are currently competing in amateur time trial, sprint and endurance racing with Clubs such as NASA, SCCA, WRL, Porsche Club and more and even Pro Level Series such as the Mazda MX-5 Cup and Porsche Sprint Challenge.

Is door to door competition your goal?
Come race with us!

What Our Customers Say

“Chris is a true racing professional and even better teacher. I highly recommend Sarian Motorsports if you are serious about performance training and racing instruction. Worth every penny!”

R. Maldonado

“If you have a fast car and want to learn how to properly drive it, or if you just want to go fast, Chris Sarian is your guy. I would also highly recommend Chris if you have younger driver’s who need to learn proper car control. He is a fantastic teacher and an all-around good guy to spend time with!”

B. Johnston