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Sarian Motorsports provides a number of Services based on our customer’s requirements:

Performance Driving Instruction

Have the need for speed?! Take it off the streets and bring it to the track! With so many high performance and well handling cars available today, the track is the best place to experience what your car is capable of. As a driver, we focus on the different technical aspects to car control such as braking, heel-toe shifting, throttle control, over steer-under steer and more. As to the track, braking points, identifying apex’s of the turns, track position or race line and proper track etiquette.

Standard Rates at HPR: $385 for half-day (four hours) + Track Fee/ $660 for full-day + Track Fee/ $675 semi-exclusive (4 hours) includes track fee

Race Driver Instruction / Coaching

The evolution from Performance Driver to Race Driver opens a multitude of layers; skill, mental focus, strategic thinking, controlled aggression, patience, team work and more. Our instructors will work with you to build a solid foundation of knowledge and experience and continue the process into wheel to wheel, door to door competition. The process is done through face to face meetings, phone, internet, lapping days and at race weekends.

Car Rental

2002 Porsche Boxster S, manual, (OMP Race Seats and Belts) $350 for 1/2 day + instructor

2015 Audi S3-X, paddle-shift (450+ HP, KW Suspension, Brembo Front Brakes, partial cage, OMP Seats and Belts) $1250 1/2 day + instructor

Track Days

Sarian Motorsports Track Days are a great way to gain experience in a structured track day environment. We offer events at High Plains Raceway in Byers, CO and The State Patrol Track in Golden, CO. Keep your eyes out for Event emails for dates throughout the summer season.

Manufacturer and Dealer Events

Sarian Motorsports will run your Event. Includes setting up track with corner stations, cones, schedule and classroom sessions along with providing instructors.

Vehicle Performance and Race Upgrades

A Sarian Motorsports consultant will work with you as to your specific goals and budget. Based on your input, we will recommend performance modifications to your street or race vehicle. We have our own internal support team to handle all your maintenance, performance and race build/setup needs or we can work with a shop of your choice.

Questions about any of the above, email us at or call us at 303-324-8762.