What’s Your Limit?

Have the need for speed?! Take it off the streets and bring it to the track! With so many high performance and well handling cars available today, the track is the best place to experience what your car is capable of. As a driver, we focus on the different technical aspects to car control such as braking, heel-toe shifting, throttle control, over steer-under steer and more. As to the track, braking points, identifying apex’s of the turns, track position or race line and proper track etiquette.

Standard Instructor Rates at HPR:

  • Thursday Open Lapping $390 for half-day (three hours) + Track Fee / $660 for full-day (six hours) + Track Fee
  • Friday Open Lapping $520 for half-day (four hours) + Track Fee / $880 for full-day (eight hours) + Track Fee
  • $870 semi-exclusive test & tune (4 hours) / $1575 full day; includes Track Fee (Max of 10 cars allowed at track – limit your exposure!)


Mindset plays a huge role in keeping calm while performing at a high level. We will help you build confidence with specific on and off track mental and physical exercises.


Colorado Performance Driving Instruction

What Our Customers Say

“Chris is a true racing professional and even better teacher. I highly recommend Sarian Motorsports if you are serious about performance training and racing instruction. Worth every penny!”

R. Maldonado

“If you have a fast car and want to learn how to properly drive it, or if you just want to go fast, Chris Sarian is your guy. I would also highly recommend Chris if you have younger driver’s who need to learn proper car control. He is a fantastic teacher and an all-around good guy to spend time with!”

B. Johnston