Gain Experience

Sarian Motorsports Track Days are private events held at local tracks in Colorado.

Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Groups

We offer Novice, Intermediate and Advanced run groups with a mix of lead-follow and instructor ride-alongs depending on your assigned group. Classroom presentations are available (post-COVID) along with full data review depending on the event.

Both street and caged race vehicles are welcome to attend.

Visitor Groups and Spectators

We often have visitor groups join us such as The Ferrari Club or Ducati Motorcycle Club – always fun to watch the bikes move around the track!

Spectators are welcome at these events within reasonable limits – depends on the facility.

Colorado Track Days

What Our Customers Say

“Chris is a true racing professional and even better teacher. I highly recommend Sarian Motorsports if you are serious about performance training and racing instruction. Worth every penny!”

R. Maldonado

“If you have a fast car and want to learn how to properly drive it, or if you just want to go fast, Chris Sarian is your guy. I would also highly recommend Chris if you have younger driver’s who need to learn proper car control. He is a fantastic teacher and an all-around good guy to spend time with!”

B. Johnston