April 22,23, 2023; Pueblo Motorsports Park, Pueblo, CO:

Congrats to Dana Boote for completing her first race weekend in the NASA Rocky Mountain Region!

Dana has been working on her craft for the past couple of years attending both the Radford Racing School along with private coaching with Sarian Motorsports at High Plains Raceway in Byers, CO.

She showed up with her fire breathing Hell Cat for her first track day and never looked back! With family in tow, husband Wayne and kids supported mom through the process of Getting Up To SPEED!







As Dana progressed and made the decision to race, it was time to find a car. Wayne made the trip to the West Coast and brought back a Mustang GT that had been sitting for some time. 

Our friends at NRG Racing were able to implant the necessary upgrades to get the car track ready and this weekend was the payoff for all the effort.

Expect to see her and the family at future races! Go Dana!